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More than anything else it suggests secrets, betrayal of confidence, hidden transactions. This gives a taste of the theme of this Mercury retrograde period, and of the solstice and lunar eclipse occurring during its span. Obviously, the international furore over the Wikileaks release of approximately , US Embassy cables seems to fit pretty well with the astrology at present. As governments around the world react in embarrassment to the sudden release into the public domain of sensitive information affecting geopolitical relationships, there seem to be two processes occurring simultaneously as befits Mercury.

And this is just part of what was in the first few hundred cables released. The sheer hypocrisy of the US Government announcing that it is hosting the World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Washington on 3 May when it is simultaneously pressurizing individuals and entire corporations to stop assisting Wikileaks to release information about the role of the government in regulating and restricting our lives and democratic choices, sadly represents the less edifying side of Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius.

The birthdate of Mr Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has been released on the Interpol arrest warrant, accessible on the Internet. As no time is available, a noon chart for Townsville, Queensland must be used. It is notable that Assange has a close Sun-Uranus square, always indicative of a will to break the mould of what is deemed to be acceptable, together with a close Jupiter-Pluto sextile, suggestive of keen skills at exposing the hypocrisy and moral turpitude of people in powerful positions, as well as a supreme confidence in fighting large-scale moral battles.

In releasing the US Embassy cables, Assange is communicating the very secrets that the US Government arrogates to itself, against even its own population which it supposedly represents. His Sun in Cancer is exactly opposite the Australian Sun in Capricorn and his Uranus in Libra exactly squares the Australian Sun which at once symbolizes his own Australian citizenship and significance to the Australian state, as well as his role of challenging the Australian government to come clean about its own secrets as well as to represent the interests of its citizens irrespective of their colour, creed, or political affiliation.


The whole Wikileaks episode which has of course yet to play out in its entirety is more fuel to the pyre that is the modern Western managed democracy, as Pluto moves unstoppably deeper into Capricorn and shines light into the dark corners of illegitimate power structures. To lead is to embody that will, to represent it, to be accountable to it.

Although Pluto can often be experienced as harsh, and is always unavoidable, it is and always will be the great renewer, bringing life back to truth, and restoring the truth to life. This bi-wheel illustrates the chart for the signing of the US Declaration of Independence on 4 July in Philadelphia. There is some dispute as to the correct time, but here I have used 5pm. The most significant points made in this article are not reliant on a correct time in any case as they relate to transits to relatively slow-moving planets in the chart.

This has got to be one of the most studied horoscopes in the world, depicting as it does the birth of the most powerful nation-state in modern history. With the Sun in Cancer, together with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer, we have an image here of intense patriotism, and a vision of unparalleled opportunities for pursuit of wealth and happiness. Cancer can of course be fiercely protective, even violently protective, and very sensitive to criticism; but it can also be childlike and whiny, and expect a lifetime of having its needs met without giving anything in return.

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While it would be unfair to accuse the USA as the only political entity in the world that has displayed these traits, it would be churlish to dispute the reality that it is this country that consumes more energy resources than any other, and that spends more on defense than all other countries combined.

A truly hard shell enclosing a very soft interior. With the Moon in Aquarius, the people are multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-cultural to an extent not before seen in any other nation in the world. One of the characteristics of American society has been the expectation that one is free, free to pursue the lifestyle and ideals that one cherishes, but without interference from the state, or from other people who have different points of view. The very large federation of states, all unique in their own way, is the concrete expression of this placement.

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Sun square Saturn gives the rather Puritan, unforgiving approach to law and order, the attachment to venerated traditions of government, and the supreme position and importance given to the Constitution and the legal profession in matters of everyday concern. Mercury opposite Pluto aptly describes the powerful oligarchs who have fashioned unrivaled communications, transport, media and information technology industries, the penchant for secret intelligence networks, and the microcomputer and digitalization of society which largely originated from American research and development.

Mars square Neptune is the perfect symbol of the fetishization of military life that has become such a characteristic feature of American culture. From the mythic westerns and lone ranger archetypes, through the Hollywood action movies, this glamorization of violence and overly physical portrayal of sexuality has progressed to a massive military sector of national activity and a strong lobby for the right to bear firearms for personal protection.

If the time is correct, Sagittarius rises, giving the country an aura of adventure, growth, optimism, freedom, but also of religious zeal and directness of expression. This is shown in the outer ring of the bi-wheel ignore the AS and MC on the outer ring. As you can see, this eclipse directly opposes the US Sun. This is a significant alignment and is suggestive of a time of extra importance in the 3 months before and after this eclipse. But what makes the alignment more interesting is the co-occurring transits from outer planets also visible at this time.

Firstly, the US is experiencing transiting Saturn conjunct natal Saturn i. This operation became complicated in subsequent years by the alleged involvement of US-sanctioned arms sales to Iran to partially fund the assistance to the Nicaraguan anti-government forces Iran-Contra scandal.

What we see in common at these times is a testing of the integrity of the justice system, the rule of law and re-definition of what are the boundaries between the government and the governed and how these boundaries are respected or transgressed. Saturn in Libra is about fairness, it is about how authority is shared amongst different groups, and ultimately it is about transparency and legal accountability.

Currently we can see how the US government has changed the meaning of so many of the laws enshrined in the Constitution that it is difficult to recognize it any more. Essentially, political process has ceased to be within the realm of control of individual citizens, and Congress has devolved to a rubber-stamp for implementing the agenda of corporate elites, the military-industrial-intelligence complex and the oligarchs of high finance.

The government and their security and intelligence apparatus are not projections of parental complexes within the minds of citizen-vassals; they are just other adult men and women who have usurped their positions of power unjustly and who need to be held accountable for it — this will require people to develop some backbone and stand up for the original principles in the Constitution. They insist upon engagement and commitment, otherwise they will be lived out as superficiality and tyranny. Secondly, Pluto, transiting through 5 Capricorn, is opposing Jupiter. The traditional moral codes, the religious practices and the view of the future are facing intense pressure: perhaps without any awareness of what is taking place, attitudes are becoming black-and-white, hardened, absolute, vicious even.

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Projections fly around, fundamentalism takes root, scapegoats are found, and all the while there is a sense of outrage over the loss of freedoms. With the opposition, there is always someone else to blame. The Jupiterian sense of optimism, common benevolent humanitarian impulses, mercy, charity: these deep archetypal aspects of national character are being put through the meat-grinder as the true reality of economic, political and social circumstances becomes more overt. Breathtaking hypocrisy is the order of the day: the FBI designs terror plots and gives young clueless Muslim patsies money to carry them out, then springs them as terrorists.

Habeas Corpus has been relegated to the dustbin. If the moral universe seems to have turned upside-down, this is because the blessed archetype of the greater benefic has been gutted, pulverized and thrown on the trash-heap as Pluto exposes the rot in the morals of the national psyche. Specifically, the south lunar node is conjunct Venus. Suggestive of a fated time of irreversible, make-or-break decisions, the nodal axis is of course central to the phenomenon of eclipses.

Something is happening with the currency around this time that may very well have implications for its value well into the future. And this will be intimately connected to general economic health and welfare of the people. My guess is that it is not a positive development from the perspective of the average citizen. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction has been present for the past 2 years or so, and has corresponded to a sense of disappointment, a feeling of having been deceived, which really points more than anything else to our own willingness to be deceived, our unusually keen capacity to tune into the hypnotic political mantras of highly-skilled manipulators of public expectations, ideals and hopes.

Like a reality TV show, a sort of narcissistic reflection of what we aspire to, but with no inherent talent, vision, leadership or genuineness of character, for the last decade politics has degenerated into focus-groups, political correctness, spin and constant abrogation of responsibility for decision-making to unaccountable quangos, or to divine revelation, in the case of Bush and Blair. Two years ago, some people felt they were somehow wrong or rejected if they did not believe in the messiah; now they taste the shame of not wanting to trust their own intuitions for the sake of maintaining the collective trance.

We have all been victims of trance abuse, all of us who have ever been unwillingly taken in by advertising, public relations exercises, television, political speeches, religious rituals. But what has taken place in the USA in recent years has been trance abuse on a scale that has been truly shocking to behold. These are the flavours of the times. The world is watching developments in the USA with a keen interest, as befits a nation of such historical, military and cultural might. The upcoming eclipse, like all eclipses which trigger zero-ecliptic-latitude points in national charts, represents a particularly significant guidepost in time for the fate of this enormously powerful nation and its people.

One thing is certain: by the end of this decade, the United States of America and its people will be fundamentally transformed. On 7 December , 1 day after the 88th anniversary of the Irish Free State, the Irish government will debate a budget unprecedented in severity, against a backdrop of international economic emergency whose scale is becoming more alarming by the week.

The country is effectively bankrupt, and the situation has come about because of massive amounts of political corruption, inadequate regulation of financial, banking and property businesses, and a heady atmosphere of greed, profligacy and speculation that is characteristic of capitalist bubbles. While it is easy to point fingers at the government, particularly the politicians of the past 15 years or so, who piloted the state along through the boom years to its ultimate economic demise, there were few complaints from the population when the so-called Celtic Tiger was throwing credit around like confetti.

What goes up must come down, and the state is now in the embarrassing situation of going cap in hand to international financial agencies begging for assistance — which will be at great cost to the individual citizen.

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The most important financial and strategic decisions affecting the lives of every citizen — their health and welfare, their education, their retirement entitlements — are to all intents and purposes being made by external agencies. A large degree of sovereignty has been lost, inasmuch as it ever truly existed since the events of the early s. Astrologically, these events may be observed through the prism of the long-term cycle of Pluto, the planet which represents the root-and-branch renewal that only occurs following large-scale destruction and shucking off of what has decayed, of what has become rotten and needs to be left behind.

Pluto transited through Sagittarius between and , which were the Tiger years, and the symbolism of Sagittarius is fitting for the expansionary, growth-obsessed and confident mood of these times. When Pluto entered Capricorn in , to stay in this pragmatic earth sign until , everything changed, apparently for the worse. Capricorn is associated with the symbolism of The Tower in the tarot deck — the problem with achieving great success is that there is a long way to fall when the good times come to an end. Capricorn represents the father principle, in the sense of the planning, scheming, strategising and organising that is required to cover all bases, to insure against losses, to anticipate problems and always prepare for the worst case scenario.

It is responsibility, in a word. Or perhaps reality. Which is often of the cold, hard kind. Who is it in society who takes on these roles? Parents, authority figures, politicians, law-makers, executives. People who are entrusted to take responsibility for public things, and to do so reliably, but also within the bounds of their roles, in other words subject to accountability.

Good Capricorn is accountable, responsible leadership, to be looked up to, one who supports and provides guidance. Bad Capricorn is devious, sly, coldly selfish and contemptuous of those beneath him, one who glorifies the form or process at the expense of the purpose. As Pluto has crossed this solstitial threshold from the ninth to the tenth sign, a cusp that has always had enormous mundane political and governmental significance within astrological lore, we have witnessed a collapse of governance on a widespread basis. Cynicism and skepticism reign anew, and there is a pervasive bitterness and frustration that people in positions of power have abused, or are abusing, their authority.

At a deeper level, the transit indicates a transformation of how we define public positions, public entities and the levels of hierarchy within society. What does a sovereign state actually mean nowadays, in an era when royal families are long gone, and vast movements of culturally diverse peoples have diluted and mixed what were once more clearly-defined polities? But equally compelling is the question of what we regard as our responsibility to the public good, as opposed to what we can get out of the state for our own benefit.

Note the position of the Ascendant in the chart, at 29 Gemini, perhaps symbolic of the divided nature of the island, two political entities, two traditions, and in the South two Civil War factions which have survived as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, perhaps representative of different constituencies but identical in economic philosophy. Hence this chart for the Irish Free State is being very strongly activated in the period roughly 3 months either side of the solstice.

Charles Jayne and LE Johndro, who wrote extensively on the interactions between eclipses and mundane and natal charts, repeatedly emphasised the importance of eclipses landing on the degrees of the Ascendant, MC, Sun and lunar nodes, because these chart points have zero ecliptic latitude, similar to eclipses themselves, by definition. But there are other connections occurring to this chart. Transiting Uranus, at 26 Pisces, is conjunct the south lunar node, a point often symbolic of release of the past, suggesting sudden events drawing a line across a chapter in Irish history.

In fact, Uranus stations direct on 6 December. This exact Mars-Venus square symbolises the violent, uncompromising desire for control of economic resources, land and sovereignty that has motivated the struggle for independence from the beginning. Neptune brings a sense of unreality, deception, perhaps confusion, but with Chiron it casts a spell of disillusionment, a bitter atmosphere of anger over how the mess of economic ruin has been to some degree self-inflicted, or at least based on a now clearly insubstantial fantasy of wealth and endless prosperity.

Saturn in Libra — the hard reality of justice, the unavoidable accountability to public democratic opinion, the difficult business of sharing authority amongst opposing factions. The MC is the point that symbolises the highest public representation or official image of the country: the government, the standing and credibility of Ireland on the world stage. It must be discarded because it no longer represents the truth, and will only get in the way of what must now be done. When Pluto reaches 10 Capricorn, it will oppose the exact Moon-Pluto conjunction in the Free State chart — around As Pluto moves slowly through Capricorn, there will always be the possibility of the utilisation of the scapegoat as a means of displacing bitterness, resentment and frustration.

One hopes that the higher side of Capricorn can be envisioned instead, and new, more responsive and responsible institutions of governance can emerge to publicly represent and work for the needs of all citizens.

The Australian Federal Election has been called for 21 August This election is remarkable for a number of reasons. That a sitting PM was ousted by an internal party coup was generally regarded as exceptional and unprecedented. Second, having ousted Rudd from the leadership, Gillard became the first female prime minister in Australian history.

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Third, Abbott himself is a relatively new party leader, having himself ousted Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party at the end of during a crisis in the Liberal Party brought about by strong differences of opinion over a carbon-trading scheme. Gillard is a year-old industrial lawyer who is unmarried and has no children, although she has a defacto partner. In this respect, as well as her gender, she represents a major change.

Born in Wales, she emigrated in her childhood and was raised in Adelaide. She has worked in union politics and has experience in workplace relations law. Her chart untimed shows a Gemini Moon quick-witted, strong communication skills, but prone to change her mind frequently , a Libran Sun a knack for negotiation, aiming for consensus, but can dodge direct action, preferring to defer to a more balanced and harmonious approach and a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo strong likes and dislikes, a fondness for cutting debate, tastes and appearances that may stir up taboos, but also a comfort with power.

Born in , she has the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in her chart — she has a strong political instinct, an understanding of the need to win social approval in order to advance her agenda. Abbott, 52, trained as a journalist but also spent some time studying to be a priest. He is married with three teenage daughters, and openly professes a strong Roman Catholic faith. He is also known to have strong monarchist sentiments. He certainly appears to be very physically fit, and boxed when he was a younger man. Despite his strongly conservative moral values, particularly with respect to sexuality and the roles of women, he himself projects a strongly physical and sexual image.

On May 4 th , Brooklyn-based wellness studio HealHaus will host an astrocartography workshop. Fashion and beauty brands are building a market around the celestial consumer with zodiac-inspired collections. In April , high-end fashion label Ganni released an astrology capsule with MatchesFashion. The collection includes 12 flavors, one for each zodiac sign, and accompanying horoscopes. Rather than turning away from this spirituality — which, it could be argued, has arisen in an effort to counteract an overly tech-ified world — tech giants are also joining the fray.

The streaming service partnered with astrologer Chani Nicholas to create the playlists, which are updated monthly. You can use it for healing. You can use it for reflection. Amazon introduced an astrology shopping feature in April , which offers monthly horoscopes embellished with Prime shopping recommendations. Although the service has garnered scorn as an over-commercialization of the discipline, it points to the undeniable reach and marketability of astrology in mainstream culture. Even venture capitalists are taking note, in an effort to cash in on the craze.

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