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Cancers are all about the soul, the heart, and everything kept close to it.

Venus enters Sagittarius

While Gemini wants to keep things light and easy, a Cancer wants to dig deep. While Gemini wants to laugh off the pain, Cancer has no problem fully giving into it. This zodiac sign is emotional, intuitive, and loves with a ferocity that may be unmatched. When you listen to Lana's music, her moon-ruled nature is undeniable.

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However confusing this may be to the astrology community, I bet no one is feeling more confused than Lana. In an interview, the "Born To Die" singer had previously confirmed that she was a Gemini when asked. There are even photographs of her wearing a Gemini necklace , leading everyone to believe she was a proud dual-sided air sign. However, she did acknowledge that she has a lot of "water energy and peacefulness," which shows that Lana was more in-tune with her Cancerian qualities than she may have realized.

Despite the painful loss this has been for the Gemini community, having Lana's accurate birth time is ultimately a beautiful thing, because now everyone can investigate her birth chart.

And, let me just say, her birth chart screams "Lana. Born under a Leo moon, Lana has a flare for the dramatic, the flamboyant, and the dazzling. She has no problem being the center of the show and her art, as well as her aesthetic, never tries to tone itself down. Since the moon rules over your emotions, the song "Summertime Sadness" makes so much more sense.

Leo Ascendant • The Astro Codex

Only a Leo moon could make sadness sound so glamorous. That said, do yourself a favor, and quit being so stubborn. Otherwise, you're in for quite the challenge.

Aries: Are You Afraid Of Living Authentically?

You're the closest thing to perfection, but unfortunately, there's no such thing. Don't repress your fears or vulnerabilities anymore, Virgo. You're growing and evolving, too. Depending on the others for validation, and companionship, is effective to a certain extent, but it's not going to last forever, Libra.

Face your fears, and find the will to depend on just yourself. I know, Scorpio.

Sun enters Scorpio

The idea of dismantling your entire house to get organized, feels equivalent to having a mental breakdown, but what if you survive? It doesn't hurt to try. You're a fiery being, sparkling with joy, hope, and optimism. So, why not share that with the rest of the world, Sagittarius? You deserve to be center of attention, too, you know. You prefer thinking practically rather than emotionally, but sometimes we are given no choice. Despite your independent and career-driven personality, you can't forget where you came from, Capricorn.

You love to emotionally detach, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't speak your truth, Aquarius. Your local community needs you, so stop being so afraid of connections.

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