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Dark Side Of Leo Exemplore Shutting everyone out, going through the motions, listening to music until 4 am and trying to function on no sleep. Scorpio Personalities The Dark side of the scorpio Notorious for being mysterious, brooding and untrusting among other things , Scorpios can be very difficult.

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You can only lift yourself up by tearing others down. As highly ambitious people, they can be easily lead into a destructive over-achieving lifestyle with little in return. Astrology Comments Forums Interests Search. As a side note a lot of witches preach fireand-brimstone against using magic to make money. Discover and save!

Professional astrologer Sylvia Sky is a widely published author of books and articles about astrology and occult and spiritual matters. Save your souls and RUN, for they will manipulate you in ways unknown to mankind. It is going to provide you with a considerably comprehension while using the positives and downsides from it.

I was just contemplating Sagittarius and Jupiter, and I felt a little uncomfortable with the bad side of this influence. The dark side of your star sign: arrogant, bullying Leo. There a really no exceptions to this rule. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. Great changes can be achieved at this time and dreams can become a reality. Stayed tuned for the Dark-sided Cancer Male.

Moon in Aries is the Firestarter. We all have a side of us that we don't like to show. She is a great combination of humour, energy, intellect and amazing personality.

An example would be that your Taurus man likes to play with electronics or build them. Let us show them the true might of the Empire. Everything is a personal attack on the secretly weak Aries ego, and they won't hesitate to let you know it. As well as the usual audio, we were treated to a YouTube video as well, to accompany the episode. An exception to this rule occurs when Libra turns to the dark side and gives in to the need of Scorpio to take them to the Underworld.

Horrorscopes: Are you a greedy Aries, a bullying Leo or a vain Libra? Cultural symbols and stories abound about the goodness of light and the evil of the dark. With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. The floors were also made of dark oak wood, but near the fireplace sat a rug with complicated white designs on it.

Tropical Western Astrology is a really old science so astrologers probably had something to do with making this map in the first place hmmm? No one is good enough or smart enough. Leo Anger: The Dark Side of The Lion Sign Leos are totally angered by not getting what they want, especially after they have planned and worked hard at something. Every zodiac sign has their good and bad traits, even the compassionate, emotional Cancer, horoscope.

There are many posts about the dark side of each zodiac, and I don't bother, but this one really goes over the line. Leo's dark side was probably obvious before you even read the title of this entry. Journey to the dark side of the moon and find official Pink Floyd merch waiting for you. Leo negative side. The Dark Side of the Scorpio Personality.

Taking charge just comes naturally to Leo and they often find themselves falling into leadership positions without even trying. But the secrets of the dark side. So it is with each zodiac sign. If you actually believe that astrology can tell you everything you need to know about yourself by only your sun sign you haven't really studied astrology, or met a varied amount of people. Your dark side. Try Prime All. They keep a little detached, but princely. Make me one of your kind As I wish to be. He's a joker or a conspiracy theorist. Scorpio is like the pipe organ of emotions and thought.

Tip: Before looking for a dark site, consider what it is you want to see. I review modify and collect toys new and old. The Periwinkle Oracle. Aries' motto. Looking at the Leo dark side, there are two angles. Your dark side is what you hate most in yourself. After 5 long months; which is nearly 6 months; the wait is over! Explore the dark side of the zodiac sign of the thinker, philosopher, educator, almost-Instagram star who believes O and Goop and TED Talks and being on TV will make them great.

So mote it be Oh spirits of dark Listen as I call thee. My mother in law for example, she has no fire, except for Pluto Leo, that's it. Raven ignites the energies of magic allowing it to become one with our intentions and will. These self centered individuals are easily deceived when you praised them to cloud nine. For people who might be curious, how would you define Radio Arcane?

Shahn Rigsby: Our tag line has been — dark eclectic music, which encompasses post-punk, darkwave music, gothic rock, new wave, synthwave. The dark side is that they are extremely disorganized. Flattery can do the trick. Let me be reborn Tomorrow as the sun rises. The dark side of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Humor.

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Leo, however, does have his faults. The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign By In5D on January 4, in Astrology Many, many articles have been written to help people understand the characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac and most of them discuss the positive traits of each Astrology sign. Discover ideas about Leo Horoscope. I am a Leo man and I will be first to say that we are very loyal and committed people we are very loving but we also have a very very dark side that if you cross us we will Destroy you LOL. Virgos will tend to carp, nag and get "dark side" anxiety attacks. The interior walls were made of dark oak wood, a contrast from the obsidian walls on the exterior.

Welcome to The Dark Pixie Astrology! Some people may find Leo to be a little on the bossy side but there's no denying that they make for exceptional leaders who are more than capable of leading their team to a glorious victory. All while laughing an evil sinister laugh. My theory is that a group of powerful, bored men were part of a secret group that required a gruesome murder to join.

There's Leo in dark moods when they feel burned-out, brittle and a terminal sense of ennui.

Leo explained - All About the zodiac sun sign Leo!

Directed by Salvatore Samperi. Still, they have a tendency to make a dark, sadistic or masochistic atmosphere that Gemini can only laugh at. If you were born on the cusp, you may technically be a Cancer, but you feel like a Leo. There's a popular Luther narrative that plays out a little like. He even changed his name, some life changing period in his life. If you know what negatives to look for with each sign, then you can avoid falling into their traps! If you think Leo. For the non-legal card, see "Slifer the Sky Dragon" original. You also probably missed where this article is a satirical look at the dark side of astrology and in no way a serious study.

This is the dark side of Leo… You appear to be on the higher spectrum of what represents awesome Leo traits. The dark-sided Leo female is bossy, egotistical, vain, overly dramatic and attention-seeking. The other thing one, men or women, must consider is any sort of psychological disorder that may be at work.


Dark Side of Leoegotistic, dominating, jealous, arrogant, pretentious "Do not fall in love with people like me. Awareness of the darker sides of our personalities is a key to fully embracing and loving ourselves. Pour a tall, cold Guinness and sit back for a story-filled ride through Ireland's dark night on this episode of Blurry Photos!

Do any of the other Cancer every feel they can very easily drift towards the nasty side of their character? The negative traits. You are a smouldering gothic creature and proud of it.

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When Mercury goes into retrograde on July 7th, it will stay in Leo until July 19th. Dark Side of the Sun My mom, who was the first person to introduce me to astrology just asked a thought provoking question: "If the Sun r Read more here. It's all about the Leo's Dark Side! The most royal sign of the zodiac, Leo is the only sign ruled by the king of all the planets, which is the Sun.

Extra long Chappie for you guys! As said, I. The dark side of Pisces is drastically defeatist, self-deprecating, self-sabotaging perfectionism, highly hypersensitive, idealistic to a fault, needs to be needed, and surprisingly selfish. I had a maddening relationship with a Gemini who exercised their ability to create their own truth whenever it served them.

Not all Gemini-born people use their duality to bend the truth to fit their version of reality, but many do. The most grotesque example of this creepy trait in action is Gemini U. President Donald Trump. Some people love to be adored by their partner all of the time. These people should date a Cancer.

Nurturing Cancer can't help but smother their partner with constant love, attention, affection, and praise. Well, what's wrong with that? On the surface this sounds great, but many people don't like to be smothered in a relationship, especially introverts. Personally, I can't stand clinginess, and I need a lot of time away from my partner because in general most people drive me crazy, even people I love. What's more, Cancer's suffocating nature is often born out of disaster-making thinking patters. Leo, while you might think it's your world and we're all just living in it, you are not actually the center of the universe.

That's right, Leo, your creepy trait is that you seek admiration, sometimes to the detriment of everything else. Leo is fun, charismatic, and caring, but Leo always puts Leo first, and in extreme examples, this can manifest as desperation for attention. One such Leo personification is Madonna , an exceptional talent who has done some pretty ridiculous things to turn people's heads. Virgo, there is nothing creepy about your sex fantasies. In general, Virgo is kind, hardworking, analytical, and practical.

These traits can all be great for satisfying your partner, but Virgo's shy nature might keep them from transferring their fantasies from theirs head to their beds. If you're keeping your sexual fantasies bottled up, there's nothing wrong with you, Virgo. And, there's nothing wrong with setting them free either. Website TheTalko claims that Libra has a scandalous internet search history, because Libra wants to know what makes people tick. This can lead Libra down a rabbit hole of online searches that can land them in some pretty dark places. As a Libra myself, I can attest that this is true.

I am obsessed with understanding why people do things, and this leads me to many disturbing articles and videos.

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Because of this, a Libra might be able to spout little-known facts about Charles Manson, the O. Simpson trial, the dairy industry, the existence of an exercise video for shut-ins on You Tube, or Adolf Hitler's childhood. Libra doesn't understand why everyone isn't interested in this information, and after a few awkward interactions they might choose to keep their secret internet behavior under wraps.

Mars ruled Scorpio until the discovery of Pluto, and since Pluto represents Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, Scorpio is often viewed as the darkest sign in the zodiac , according to Hollywood Psychics. So just what is going inside that dark Scorpio mind? TheTalko reported that Scorpio has violent fantasies , and even though they might never act them out, some Scorpios can't keep their dark thoughts at bay. Or when you see a child playing away from their parents in the park, you consider how simple it would be to kidnap the boy or girl.

Sagittarius is an escapist , and they will run from feelings, conflict, and responsibility, and can be oblivious to the feelings of others. Sagittarius, lover of freedom, is most likely to 'run away' from problems," Ohio Astrology noted. Sagittarius is off in another world.

Because the Sagittarius craves freedom more than anything, they often don't invest the time it takes to understand and solve relationship problems. There is always a new adventure to be had and new people to meet. Capricorns can be meticulous planners and shameless social climbers, and a Capricorn doesn't want anyone to get in their way. Because of this, TheTalko reported that scorned Capricorns might fantasize about doing away with those who hinder their progress. You might dream of fashioning a pair of cement shoes for the person who kept you from a goal.

The good news is that most Capricorns don't actually go all Tony Soprano, despite the fact that they think about it a lot. And because those born under Capricorn have a strong feeling that their decisions and methods are perfect, they will rarely change their views, according to Ganesha Speaks. This makes for a lot of cement-shoe fantasies. If you're planning ahead about who should give the speech at your funeral, choose an Aquarius, because they have likely already been rehearsing what they would say.

No, Aquarius doesn't wish for people to die , according to TheTalko. Aquarius simply wants to be helpful to people during their time of grief, and one way to do this is by giving a killer eulogy. This might be in part because Aquarius is an air sign.