November 18 horoscope taurus

Compatibility of Sun Signs

A new cycle begins on Wednesday, November 7 when a new moon in Scorpio your opposite sign blankets the sky. This is a great time to set your intentions, Taurus babe. Remember, sometimes you need to dig deep in order to get to the root of a situation.

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The new moon is perfectly partnered with another huge celestial shift: On Thursday, November 8 , Jupiter changes signs. Since October of last year, Jupiter has been moving through Scorpio, triggering radical changes in your relationships. For the next year, Jupiter will be moving across the area of your chart associated with transformation.

You may be inspired to sift through old photos, journal entries, or even reach out to someone from the past.

Signs Compatibility

Be thoughtful with your choices, Taurus darling. Venus was retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights and finally resumes forward motion on Friday, November But alas, only a few hours later Mercury begins its own backward spin. I know, I know. While it may seem like the cosmos has a sick sense of humor, I can assure you all of these planetary reversals are not for naught. Throughout Mercury retrograde , be careful with your communication.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius season kicks off on Thursday, November 22 when the sun moves into this vivacious fire sign. In love, give a partner the benefit of the doubt. Make the most of current responsibilities to help someone else out of a tight spot. By rights, you feel as if you should only have to snap your fingers to get what you want.

Daily Horoscopes: November 20, 2018

And why not? Yet if there is one lesson you have been absorbing over the winter it is that you must be prepared to put your ideas into practice yourself, without relying on other people. The Moon is in an intimate relationship with Jupiter. This sets up a number of possible feelings ranging from wild optimism to reckless extravagance. The only risk with high expectations is that they may be out of step with what is realistically possible.

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  6. A baffling atmosphere may be followed by an entirely more reasonable mood later on. Yet you will still probably have only the slightest grasp on what is really happening. People around you may also be picking up the wrong end of the stick! The Sun is now making its peaceful way through a fresh and intriguing sector of your chart, which means that this is a special time of year.

    Taurus November 12-November 18 2018: If you want this to work you need to let your guard down!

    The fact that this process has been inaugurated by a fabulous alignment with Jupiter, your benevolent planetary ruler, can only give cause for optimism.