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What happened question mark are Scorpio men different than Scorpio woman.

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Always have been very very in tune with my scorpio sign.. Almost every single trait scorpio depicts describes who i am.. I have always felt different then everyone else. Not bettet not worse just different. The moment i meet someone i can usually tell within minutes their true agenda. With that being said i have a desire to protect people who cant see what i see.

My name Edward means the protector also.. I have a very small circle and thats how i like it.

Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio by Deborah Browning:

Friends are great to have, and i can be the BEST friend somone ever has, but if they cross me i become their nightmares. I recently started using ghost hunting tools because i am obsessed with the paranormal and somone or something told me i was dark. Does that mean that my fate after this life ids pre decided by my birth month? I have so many things id love to know. I really enjoy checking and reading my horosope daily, it allows me to always stay focused and on point in my day to day living,things are not always good in our lives but we can make the best out of what we know and have in our lives from one day to the next one day at a time I would like to say thank you all very much for the horosopes I hope they continue on coming to the ones ofuu that enjoy reading them!

Feeling like if im falling aparte and broken hearted and lonely and insecure about myself. Hi… it is one of scorpios traits to feel anxious and depressed. Unless depression is serious and in need for medical support, scorpios have the ability to find inner strength and transform bad into great and marvelous. I dont know what is your life like, but from my experience in the past, I had the sam problems with insecurity and everything that makes you feel bad.

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Do a lot of autosuggestion. Read and treat on your own by practicing good habits, what u think that makes u happy. Leave away stressing jobs and people and spend time with yourself in order to get to know yourself. Hope, I helped you in at least releasing your thoughts that is not only you who feel that way, but there are millions of scorpios and people in general, who by not confronting fears get stuck in hell. So relax and be aware that you are not alone.

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I want to know when am l going to succeed in everything l do? My date of birth is 20 November I wanted to know if I will ever have a married life and settle down even in business…I would be very grateful if you throw a light on my coming future so that I can be prepared for the worst or good…Eagerly waiting for your reply. Hi I was an accountant until we were retrenched and it has been over a year. Born 31 Oct and still no job, robbed at gun point and my belongings gone.

Will I ever get a job or even better win a lotto jackpot. ConfusedScorpioWomen wats up. Is there something I maybe able to advise you on? The only thing I can say is that I will give you an honest option k!

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I know that myself I would appreciate someone who can be honest as well as being kind about it! Very disappointed right now and upset…anyone thats a scorpio have problems deciding when its time to end a relationship to begin anew? Really confused with life and my emotions right now. I wish I would have just stayed! I know that I could take the abuse!

Make sure please that you have money set aside proff of everything and anything! But food heat, etc are after everything I may have to be on government assistance while he enjoys fishing vacations with his bimbo my kids!

Daily Scorpio Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

In the sun , where ever he wants to go for as long!! I had only short ones with the kids going as well,! I guess I need a clinic and a ride! To pretty much still owe him!! Good luck , stick it out till you have a plans and means to live!! Best wishes!! Honestly wished I had left when friends told me and I had a job and more self worth a!

Please I was trusting not stupid and hopeful!! My five 5 years husband somehow all of the sudden changed, and left home. He went to live with some other girl.

He was like a different person. Priest Hallifat found out that our relationship has been damaged by this third person into our relationship. Now, he is the best husband, and father. Thank goes to Priest Hallifat , Priest personal Email: lifecentre live. Email: Pass j :. Free Trial! Consult the I Ching And hear a special interpetation. Born to Be What were you born to be? Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign? Is there a 13th zodiac sign? About your Friend Find out something amazing about your friend. Daily Scorpio Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October Ask the Tarot And listen to profound advice for a pressing question.

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