Scorpio man compatibility with other signs

Scorpio, being a deep creature, is utterly fascinated by your superficiality and allure. All your beautiful words and verbal ability mean absolutely nothing to him, but he will be transfixed by the sound of your voice. This can be an incredibly romantic combination.

No one knows the act of flirtation like a Gemini, and Scorpio is the perfect instrument to play to. The Gemini woman can never ever be possessed by the Scorpio man despite his deepest desire , and she will find the intensity of his intentions inconsequential and humorous. It is the stuff great operas are written about. There is a tremendous degree of passion possible, but unfortunately it is one-sided. It is never their first choice on the menu. Scorpios live for passion. Is this a good mix? Oddly enough this pair can give each other a merry chase intellectually and they can entertain each other endlessly with a running commentary on the foibles of human nature.

They make great traveling companions on the journey of life. This couple will enjoy talking about other people immensely and trying to dissect their motives. This couple has the downside of sticking together through thick and thin to the point of real pain and absurdity. There may be a constant diet of betrayal, painful and unnecessary confrontations, ridicule, sarcasm, and vendetta, and yet the relationship endures.

This is not the best recipe for mental health. You know how you stare at the chess board at the beginning of the game trying to figure out what your strategy is? The possibility of mind games is absolutely boggling and this may take the place of an erotic connection. For the restless mind, sex can be an outlet for ingenuity and cleverness. When you combine a restless mind with a subterranean urge to discover the deepest, darkest motives in order to control the other person, you have a very interesting range of experiences being worked out through sexuality.

Hardly anything either one does is unpremeditated, although for completely different reasons. While Geminis take a lot of knocks for being shallow, her superficial nature can keep this break up from going off the deep end. I dated an Gemini for 3 years and we recently broke up. This is NOT a good relationship at all.

This article talks about how it is not good for mental health and this is very true. I am a Scorpio man and my girlfriend was just not the right fit for me. I am successful and wanted the best while she spent her time worry about pointless stuff. We had so many issues and from the day one I knew this was not going to work but she would not let go of me. I am a gemini woman and am dating a scorpio man. I am the one who is emotionally deep and loyal; not him. I am the one who wants a private homelife and he is the social butterfly.

He is very secretive though and, like I read on another site, has also been caught flirting online. I only have so much patience. Funny,i am totally gemini and i have a scorpio dad and we really get along together better than my leo mom. Seriously, we have a lot of common. Including his secretive habit. I am a Scorpio male and am dating a Gemini woman, and I have to say I completely agree with you.

I too feel we are totally on different pages, and when I was in the stage of the honeymoon period she was worrying about the smallest things and being ultra critical. I also have extreme issues adjusting to the way she is so variable, it throws me off and makes me feel really insecure. I am consistent and definitely require the same in order to know where I stand. I had many relations with them and as a gemini, im telling you they are hard to be understood, they re hiding too much, and wen doesnt want to come back, its a sign than never loved you, just want some fun.

In the other hand if they are serious, they may get jealous on you, missunderst. Ones you underst the diff things can go supegood between you! I am a gemini women and my husband is a scorpio man.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Matches For Scorpio & It's Bound To Be Hot & Heavy

We are newlyweds. We have been married for only 4 months and things are great. My husband is the total opposite of me; he is very focus and determined. Everything he does, he includes passion in it. My Scorpio loves to have a clean home but thinks cleaning the home is a silly thing to worry about. Okay, this does not make any sense…lol. He makes me laugh, honestly this is just an example because we never argue nor fight. I just clean the home OCD and he does all the outside up keep. We make the best of friends because we view things from two different sides of the spectrum.

I feel everyone has flaws and there will be certain things you have to put up with. Fyi: i have been together with my husband since high school and I am 28 yrs old. All ppl are different.

Plus, I do think looking at your moon sign helps as well. My moon sign is a Pisces and his moon sign is a Libra. I think this is absolutely fascinating. He said we actually worked together at the same place, but I had never noticed him before. I was pretty social, and only remembered those that really stood out.

He was so charming that day he approached me and it left a huge impression on me. I had a boyfriend at the time, but a few months later I broke it off and called that Scorpio. We had the best conversations and would talk for hours. I fell for him very quickly, but he ended up breaking it off after a month because we lived in two different cities. I was absolutely crushed, but I just figured he was too stupid to know how amazing I was and so I moved on.

A couple of years later we ended up working at the same place again, and he immediately apologized for our past, regretted ending things between us, and said he still wanted to be friends. We both were in serious relationships, so it seemed ok. With him though, I could tell he was sincere in his apology. Fast forward to today. I am married to a wonderful Cancer man, and the Scorpio is currently single. We are still friends but now we are dangerously close.

He has confessed that he has always loved me. We talk all the time, and he never keeps secrets from me, even when I wish he would! He says he loves the sound of my voice, and he also thinks I worry about ridiculous things, even though they are important to me. I consider him my best friend, and even though he does seem, stubbon, selfish, and rude at times.

His loyalty, honesty, and humor outweigh all the bad. This Scorpio will always fascinate me, because he seems so mysterious, despite all the secrets he gives away, and he always has me laughing, fidigity, entertained, and wanting more. I am with a Scorpio and I am a Gemini woman we both get along well and understand each others point of views. He is very jealous and can be controlling at times he say its because he loves me and hates when men try their own luck. I can say one thing i dont like is the way he becomes uncomfortable when we are around a attractive woman.

It makes me feel that he has a urge to look or glance her way. I really hope we work out but something inside makes me feel we wont.. I love him very much but i dont know.. We may have a roving eye at times, but rest assured for the most part, our hearts remain loyal. Im a gemini girl and i just got dumped by my scorpio boyfriend. I know that our relationship was very special and that there was absolutely nothing wrong.

Two weeks after our 1st year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend, he decided to not be in a relationship and that he did not love me anymore. I know him and thats not him. His parents told him that he was not ready for a relationship because of his studies which is pre-medicine. How can that be? I love him so much and he is avoiding me.

Eventhough he has broken my heart, im still willing to forgive him if we get back together. You could be more mature than him, you could be getting more emotionally attached than he is and this I would say is because you are a woman, not a Gemini. As you probably know if you think about it reasonably — is that him listening to his parents about how he should live is too much. What is attractive about that? Even in an 18 yr old guy I would despise such lameness. If you want him, or any man to stick around and be interested, just live your own life, focus on yourself and your career and passions.

The rest is all just little games of playing hard to get and strategic approach. Im a Scorpio male,48 and have dated most signs except leo aries gemini ,had most succsess with vigo woman I have a 47 year old gemini lady very interested in dating me,but i have never liked the male or female geminis i have met in lifes journeys,cold and two faced for my liking,i dont trust them,right or wrong thats how i perciece them,.

This lady is attractive driven sucsessful and coming on to me in a way that has raised flags in what her intentions are,my intuition is telling me dont get involved,but friends say go for it u have nothing to loose.? I am working class not driven easy come easy go attatude to life,so i feel her advances are for my body and bed,i still have boxers type build for my age that was training i done for years, Gemini advise would be most welcome,thanks.

To Darren …. To Darren, I would say trust your intuition too. Although she is an older, more mature Gemini, we Gemini women are fickle all our lives, even after we marry a great guy we still wonder about the grass on the other side of the fence. You are much more serious person than she is. She might be hard to resist even though you know all this though — there seems to be some kind of invisible draw between the two signs that neither can resist although both might end up regretting. She said she is on the cusp of cancer so does that make her any less a gemini, And why do scorpio men attrached so many virgo woman,.

I know of a disproportionate number of couple of this combo, particularly Gemini woman-Scorpio man. Perhaps they find them elusive and a challenge, but it is ridiculous how many marriages, both long and short term, I know with this combo. Much more than supposedly good Scorpio — Pisces. I should not be to hard on the gems, sagitarious,Capricorns,Pisces,-are very flighty woman Great while the goings good, But will run off with your mates,or run back to ex flames, and pisces-so caring generous loving,but can be so spitefull when moody or out played, very bitter if they think they have been double crossed,right or wrong, what are aries and leo woman like and aquas as well.?.

I am a Scorpio man and just started dating a Gemini woman a week and a half ago. We knew each other about a month before we started dating. We are already engaged! The two of us are different in some ways…yes, BUT we both have great communication abilities which makes it easier to understand each other and not get too frustrated with one another. And we have a lot in common as well. Yes Geminis need their freedom…I only get to see her half of every week because she goes on long trips for her work and I am willing to except this because I love her.

I love the way we play and flirt one second and then it goes to having a deep conversation the next… and then back to flirting again. We never seem to run out of stimulation with each other! We went to school together, He was in my class. He was the new kid, so I noticed him and one day went up to talk to him. We still talk to this day… However, After that year of being in the same high school… he moved out of state. This has been going on for years. Up until recently…. In fact, friendships with a Scorpio man have to be proven and won with loyalty before he will get chummy.

Attempts at trying to get too close too fast may result in him retreating to his lair in high suspicion and a little bit of alarm. Ruled by Mars the god of war and Pluto the god of the underworld, Scorpio men are intense, passionate, and filled with desire. They can be moody and vengeful, with a hot temper and long memories for any wrongs, imagined or otherwise, done against them.

Intimidated yet? Well, once you get to know a Scorpio man, you will be happy you took the time. He is a delight in his own way — a man who cuts through appearances and gets to your very soul. He is more vulnerable than he lets on, and he is wiser than probably any other man you know. This sign is nothing if not resolute. Underneath his calm, cool, exterior is an electric undercurrent of roiling feelings. Not much of this is on display for the outside world, however, as Scorpios dislike losing control over their own feelings, at least not publicly. Love for a Scorpio man is both powerful and passionate, a catalyst that changes his entire life and outlook.

He is a caring and devoted lover, if a little possessive. This possessiveness is just the Scorpio way of expressing his love. Behind his aloof exterior, the Scorpion is sensitive and loving but he will only let down his guard and show this side of his personality to the right partner. Scorpios are typically considered most compatible with Pisces and Cancer. Impossible to resist, he is darkly sexy and very intense. His intuition and passion make the Scorpio man a perfect lover. They are not usually disappointed by what they find there. He is generally considered most compatible with Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Virgo.

See also Sun sign compatibility. However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs.

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For example, how do your Venus signs compare? Find out Venus signs here. Discover Venus sign compatibility here. Multi-faceted and complex, the Scorpio man is an emotionally charged individual who can be as intimidating as he is passionate. I've enjoyed reading this and would love for you to come out with a book. Great read with a greater understanding of the water signs. I am stunned that someone was able to write something like this in such a clear and easy to way.

Appreciate how you do this in a way that was so easy to understand. I am Pisces and my partner Scorpio. I can attest to her very dominant side but also very nurturing and caring. I am Pisces and my poor Miss Scorpio.

I can attest to very dominant but also very nurturing and caring. Is there very jealous. Im a scorpio women he is pisces man this is so right i love him so much we do fight but i cant let him go.. I fully support a book on the psycho-spiritual lol thank you for the reference. Since you are interested in astrology, I highly recommend reading some of Jean Bakula's posts as well. She really is inspirational and gifted she certainly inspire me. Thanks again! I found them! Great reads! On one of them you mentioned that you also wrote books.

Are those on here as well or can I find the links for those somewhere. I think if you click on "John M" at the top you might see more with links to other articles. Thanks by the way! We didn't get along well It was wierd sinse we sat right next to each other, sooooo He was a bit nicer to me than to others and the same went for how i treated him But, it wasnt an emotinal conection and we had no sort of romance involved.. But scorpios are blunt, so that would also be accompanied by a rude sarcastic comment that was mostly hurtfull, but, with an instant apology. Most of the time I'd be able to know what goes on in his head, what his thoughts are, how his feeling about something and what's going on in his life just by one look at him But, unlike me and scorpio i mentioned earlier, I had no problem comunicating with our cancer freind Just amazing how accurate this was in every way about pairing.

I loved how easy you made it to understand too. I heard Cancer was also strongly matched with Scorpio too. Is that true? I know that for Pisces, either Cancer, Scorpion or Capricorn is compatible. I used to date a Capricorn for 4 yrs, fell for a Cancer and now I am with a Scorpion. In THE first date of us, we talked about gun shootings and regulations - things I have never talked to anyone before. I love being in bed with my Scorpion man. I came across this article in search of answers for the seemingly instant connection that I have encountered since the first time I saw this man whom of which I am now dating.

I've never experienced anything like it in any relationship that I have ever started and I also haven't looked into astrology in years, however I couldn't put my finger on what exactly must have taken place for me to feel such a connection to this man that I hardly even know. I don't fall for ppl easily and it usually takes me awhile to open up to someone, but with this pisces man it's completely different. This article and others seem to be very spot on as to how instant the chemistry between a Scorpio and Pisces can be established and the intensity of that connection.

This might be tmi, but I can't even self-pleasure because it doesn't amount to his presence--and he haven't even had any sexual contact other than that 1st kiss, which completely swept me into an even deeper sense of gravitation towards his mere existence. OMG while I read your article I fall into tears. I'm a pisces girl totally and madly in love with a scorpio guy. Ever since our first date we had this weird feeling of something going on between us.

Then after first date we didnt see eachother for couple days as I went with friends on holidays. But omg we kept texting all the time and we couldnt wait any longer to see eachother again. And when we finally met again and we kissed for the first time, It felt like everything was in its place. I know as pisces we are romantic and tend to dream too much.

But what do you do when dream is happening before your eyes? And that is just about the kiss. Our first night together scared me later after because I never lived something so powerful! It has been an interesting dance of devotion and care yet he lights my fire unlike anyone else Pure bliss : : : He soothes my soul and shows me the sweetest love. We talk for hours on end and instantly know what the other is feeling and thinking. I feel blessed.

The love of a scorpio man is once in a lifetime. Our fires will burn together for all of eternity. Reading this is so spot on! Love reading all the comments! Cheers x. My scorpion guy 6 years on is still as mysterious as ever: Its a magical connection that i will never be able to put into words because there are none that can. Its the greatest most nurturing love ive ever known as a pisces chick: He will have my heart for all eternity.

This is so on point. Thank you for sharing :. I actually got a little aggressive on my partner, but he did experience the same thing and just stare at me I'm a Piscean energy healer and heard about this article in Facebook group. Wow, this was extremely dead on to the point it sent chills down my spine. It's obvious a male Scorpio wrote this. I bet you are rising and ascending in Scorpio. Just a guess. My husband is.

I see all the traits. You have to check planetary tables or a book called an ephemeris to see what day the Sun goes into an Astrology sign. The 21st to 21st rumor is just that. The Sun stays in some signs as long as the 23rd, and moves as early as the 18th at times. It's different every year. It's usually from July to November you find the "tricky" ones. I'm glad you enjoyed Janet. Yes, it's a strangely magnetic pairing to be sure - and can be magical.

Thanks, Jean! Yes, it's very odd the relationships Scorpio has with animals. But Pisces and Cancer - it's like animals flock to them! Well done! Now that I read it here, I can think of several Scorpios who I thought didn't even want animals around them. But it's the animals who are intimidated by the Scorpios, they sense they aren't going to get babied as much as they want. I love a pisces man but when we are in front of each other in college we only fight with each other. Its unexplainable.

We are on our way out as she cheated on me but the connection is still crazy strong. Hard to explain. As a Pisces women, married for 10 years with Scorpio men, I must agree with all stated in this article, including money issue. So true in every aspect. I enjoyed redaing this. I clearly am the only pisces on earth that doesn't like Scorpio men. I don't know what it is. I have pisces friends and their mates are Scorpios. I can barely tolerate the few Scorpios that are in my family.

I always find myself attracted to Aries which supposedly is not good match. I guess I should be with a Pisces but I love a Capricorn I am a very caring, emotional, mysterious, highly sexual being and my Capricorn man loves everything about me except when I get upset I can have a fire about me. Stick with my water signs. I was drawn to him right away which I couldn't understand, as him with me!

There is a strong sexual attraction. I am a Pisces and most things you said about us is true but you are so wrong about the money thing. I have always known how to handle money.

Scorpio Man Compatibility: How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

I have always saved money with NO problem. So true!! I m scorpio woman with a pisces man. Each and every word mentioned has a deep intense meaning which can be understood only by those who have personally experienced. Its beautiful and intense plus deep bond between them. Beyond words. I'm a Pisces man and I ended a very intense relationship with a Scorpio.

We have since reconciled but he's been playing a lot of mind games with me to push my buttons. I'm dealing with it because I care about him, but I'd really wish he'd stop. I feel like if I call him on it then I'll lose him again. I don't know what to do really, but I really appreciate this article. Man accurate I'm a Pisces male, with a Scorpio woman omg accurate talk about a strong woman but so perfect at the sametime, We argue lol but we come out stronger..

I love love love this article. I am about to meet a Piscis this Saturday. I'm a Scorpio, and I can't wait to see how accurate this article is. One thing I will tell you as a Scorpio woman, you described me perfectly! We read this article together and both of us are mind blown! We have tried our hardest to justify what you just explained, but we simply can not put it into words because it is way beyond us. Thank you for this beautiful article! Never have i believed in true love, soulmates, or anything related until i met my Pisces.

Im head over heels in love with this man on all levels. I awoken feelings in me ive never experience!! Im so sure about our relationship and theres no doubts that well grow old happily together!! This article is right on the money word from word. I met a wonderful Pisces man of my age Me Scorpio and he Pisces He brought me back to life, literally I meeting up with a Pisces for the first time ever. I am a Scorpio. We see what happens. I don't want to obsess over him but I can't get him out of my mind, how can i bring him to me? I always have thought the same about Scorpio and Pisces, sadly the relationships I've had with Scorpio men I'm a Pisces didn't work.

We felt a fascination for each other, but it did not work. Maybe at that time we were looking for different things. I am a Pisces woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man. We as a couple, constantly try to explain what we feel and what we have together and always end up saying "I just don't have the words. It's just unreal. It leads me to want to know that much more about it. I don't think if something were to ever happen between he and I that I could ever be satisfied with any other sign's relationship.

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Updated on June 19, John Lannoye more. Pisces and Scorpio Match We often hear that Pisces and Scorpio are a good match but few reasons are given why. Moreover, how compatible are Scorpio and Pisces romantically, sexually, and intellectually? The answers to those questions and many more can now be revealed. Scorpio and Pisces match or balance one another out in many life areas. Pisces: February 20 — March 20 Pisces born people fall into the twelfth house in horoscopic astrology. Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 People born under the Scorpio sign fall under the eight house of the Zodiac.

But not all water signs are the same. Why Do Scorpio and Pisces Match? I will walk though through seven specific life areas and provide supporting rationale. Sexual Energy Simply put, Pisces and Scorpio put a premium on emotional bonding as part of intimacy. The Moon's Impact You should know that the moon is a major impact on all water signs. So what's the lunar-water sign relationship? Love Pisces is perhaps the most sensitive feeling sign among the Zodiacs. Trust The trust between both water signs is high because of empathic transparency.

Communication When sufficient time has passed between Pisces and Scorpio, communication is generally not a problem. This is not in the way you may think.